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Related article: Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 21:39:34 -0500 From: Alan Bock Subject: After Today - IntroDisclaimer: This is a story of pure fiction. It contains gay sex. If you are offended by this topic or under the legal age, please stop reading now. The sun was starting to rise. Bane began to look around the desolate desert landscape. All he could see were Joshua Tress and thistles. He only had about an hour before the day would be swelteringly hot and while his skin had darkened over the past weeks, he could not afford to be in the direct sun for too long, lest he face dehydration or sun poisoning. He also needed water. He had drank his fill right before he had set out at dusk, but that had been ten hours ago.He knew it was essentially a death sentence to set out across the desert, but it would have been death to stay at the refuge camp as well. He had finally manged to escape the Lancaster Camp three days ago. He had spent the first night at some abandoned buildings in the abandoned Air Force Base, and had made it to the ruins of Barstow yesterday morning. There were rumors that Las Vegas still had some semblances of civilization, and so he had started out on the near impossible trek.Suddenly Bane heard a fumble behind him. "Shit" he thought. There was no place to hide. Then, resignedly, he realized that if it were a tank, it wouldn't matter, they'd be able to "see" his heat signature. The temp hadn't yet reached the safety zone of 100. Looking back over his shoulder resignedly, Bane was relieved to see it wasn't a tank, but a beat up Ford truck. Earlier 60's he guessed. No newer, or it wouldn't be able to run. Bane weighed his options, then realizing he only had one, he quickly pulled off his shirt and positioned himself squarely on the side of the road.Before, Bane had never been a standout. He had run track and swam on the swim team, but in the looks department he considered himself middling. He'd had a steady girlfriend, they'd messed around some, but nothing below the waist, so to speak. But After... well he had come to realize that his body could be shaped into an asset. In truth that had been how he'd survived so long in the Refuge Camp.Now, as he stood on the side of the road, he put his thumb out, he raised his arm so that his pit was showing. If it was the right type of guy, this never failed. Bane was 6' 1", 175# and, especially after the last month, had very little fat. Thanks to his constant sit up and push up routine, his abs were tighter than they had ever been, and his arms were well formed. His sandy brown hair had lightened in the constant sun, his hazel eyes caught the light of the rising sun and sparkled.The truck slowed down as it approached and stopped. A man in his late 30's opened the passenger door and said simply, "Climb in".Bane stepped on the running board and stopped staring at the man. He had a rugged look, yet not unkept. He wore a wife-beater undershirt, yet surprising clean. He had dark hair that was shaved close but sported a well trimmed goatee and looked to have a day's growth of stubble, but even that looked planned and groomed, not an oversight. The inside of the cab was well maintained and blessedly the air conditioner was actually working! But that wasn't why Bane stopped. The man was rubbing his crotch."You OK with the price?" He asked. "If not, it a Reallolita Cp long walk to Vegas. And I can tell you there is nothing between here and there."That was when Bane noticed the other hand, the one that had been flung up on the back of the passenger seat held a small beamer. The man saw Bane's eyes travel to the weapon, a small cigarette carton shaped item that would vaporize a man in under a second. He smiled wryly for a moment. "It's only for protection. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do willingly. But, if you want this ride, you have to be willing to provide a ride of your own, boy."For Bane, there really was no decision. He hopped in the truck, and closed the door.***** That's all for now. Just a teaser of things to come. This is my first attempt writing. Please give feedback. Comments to
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